Meet molly and sam, the proud owners of CFB...

Molly Handstand.jpg

Molly Purvis - Owner

Molly is an inspiring coach, an impressive athlete, and an amazing mom. She started CrossFit in 2014 and fell in love with the community immediately. Molly is a lifelong athlete and has a wealth of experience when it comes to training;  from multiple State and National championships in Swimming, Diving and Track and Field to being a Division 1 athlete for the University of Georgia where she was part of the National Championship team.  Molly is passionate about CrossFit and as all things related. Health, wellness, fitness and community are her recipe for  happiness and she loves spreading that happiness with her CFB community, young and old alike.  Of her many accomplishments,  her greatest is her lovely daughter, Morgan, who you can find bopping around the gym.

Molly received her Level 1 Certification in September 2016 as well as her CrossFit Kids Certification in April 2017.

Sam Werbel - Owner

Sam first started CrossFit in the summer of 2012. Lacking a car he used to either bike or run the 14 miles roundtrip several days a week to-and-from the first affiliate he attended, essentially adding on a 7 mile buy-in and cash-out to each WOD. To this day Sam loves running, mountain biking, and any other activity that gets him out enjoying the beautiful outdoors. He is also the owner of the local adventure tour company, ActiveVT.

Sam has been training at CrossFit Burlington since 2013 and received his Level 1 in 2016.

Meet our other amazing coaches...

Dave Mendenhall

Dave is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. His adult training and fitness exploits prior to CrossFit involved years dedicated to the martial arts, a personal yoga practice, distance running, triathlon competition, and semi-“extreme” cycling stints. After being introduced to CrossFit by his wife, his three training days per week soon became six, and he blossomed into a devoted athlete and eventually a coach.

Dave received his Level 1 certification in 2014 and also has certifications in gymnastics and weightlifting.

Laura Bilodeau

Laura is a role model for discipline, hard work and camaraderie. As a committed athlete she can be found in the gym 6 days a week, working her weaknesses and encouraging others. What she lacks in running speed she makes up for in barbell/gymnastic technique and true-grit. She is a role-model to the young men and women members of our gym as we all try to become the best versions of ourselves.

Laura received her Level 1 certification in 2016 and also has certifications in gymnastics and weightlifting.