CFB Gymkhana

~ a meet featuring sports, contests or athletic skills ~

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

This day-long competition in the South End of Burlington, VT will be a testing-ground of individual fitness with both Rx (competitive) and Rec (scaled) divisions for men and women. Registration can be completed through the links below. Follow the Facebook event page for recent updates.

Rec Men Registration Rx Men Registration

Rec Women Registration Rx Women Registration


Standards for Divisions

The Gymkhana will adhere to generally the same standards as the CrossFit Open, and the majority of main page programming. If you perform most of those workouts (or the workouts programmed at your affiliate) at the Rx level, the Gymkhana Rx division is appropriate for you. Please see a varied assortment of other movements an Rx athlete should be able to perform below:

  • Complete the workout Fran Rx

  • Perform both a clean and a snatch at 135/95

  • Run a mile in under 9 minutes

  • Perform several consecutive handstand push-ups

  • Deadlift 225/155 for 3 reps

    Please note, these are just several examples. Athletes unable to perform multiple of these examples are strongly encouraged to register for the Rec division.