No Shave Wovember

Hi CrossFit Burlington,

Well, the Red Sox just won the World Series and hunting season is already well underway... so what other reason is there to grow a beard this November?

No Shave Wovember, that's why.

What's No Shave Wovember? Beards are supposed to be macho, right? Yes they are; and nothing is more macho than respecting women and upholding their right to an existence free of violence, sexual or otherwise.

So, for the month of November I'll be growing my beard, reminding people (including myself) of the importance of women's issues in 2018, and donating a dollar a day to the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

I encourage all beard-eligible men to join me for the month.

And women, this challenge is, at its core, about you... if you are interested in participating in this month of fundraising I encourage you to "Sponsor A Beard" (and by all means, forgo any shaving you want). Find a fella at the gym, encourage him to participate in this challenge, and sponsor his beard by donating whatever amount you want to the Network.

Any gentlemen who are either unable, ineligible or simply uninterested in putting down the razor for the month, please also consider participating in this month-long challenge by opting to Sponsor A Beard, or otherwise spreading the word.

A little about the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: The Network is a statewide organization based in Montpelier serving the whole state through 15 different member organizations. The Network performs public-policy advocacy, training, and technical assistance.

Donations of any whole-dollar amount can be made via this webpage. Please mention in the comment that you're making the donation for the CrossFit Burlington No Shave Wovember challenge so the Network can track the engagement and contributions from our community.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Halloween!