Forging healthy humans through strength, mobility and stability.


Our goal is to provide the tools necessary for our members to safely achieve their fitness goals. We are proud of our strong and inclusive sense of community that welcomes all people of any fitness level. Whether you are training for a professional sport, training to play duck-duck-goose with your grandchildren, or training to recover from surgery or injury, we are incredibly excited to help you in your pursuit of health and fitness.


What's Crossfit, and why here?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program based around functional movements. The excellent programming and coaching at CrossFit Burlington will give you the strength, mobility and stability needed to live a vigorous, meaningful live with a fit, healthy body.

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Membership options

Our wide array of membership options surely has a place for you whether that means a year of membership, a month, or simply a day here or there. 

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