Whole Gains Challenge

This page is a resource for members of the CrossFit Burlington community participating in the Whole Gains Challenge. This lifestyle challenge will last 1 month (from January 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2018). This three pronged challenge will focus on Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. Like CrossFit, this challenge is specific, measurable and repeatable. Please fill out the starting questionnaire and use all the resources and links below to help you get the most out of this challenge. Let Sam or Molly if you have any questions.



Workout regularly and with intensity. Keep your exercises varied. Let us (CFB) do that hard part of deciding what you need to do... all you have to do is show up for class. This challenge rewards regular exercise, with bonus points awarded to double-days and epic-days. Rest and recovery are an important aspect of any training plan, so the scoring matrix is designed to allow a certain amount of rest every week.




While nuances of individual nutritional needs may vary from person to person, the basic premise should be the same for everybody: eat a balance of clean, healthy food. That's it. For many of us it's simple, and for others is complicated. Whether we're trying to follow the Zone Diet to the T or we're simply trying to cut out daily sodas or sweets, this month-long challenge has an opportunity for all of us to eat better.



Exercise and Nutrition make up the bulk of this challenge, but these lifestyle points fill in the little spaces between. Sleep, mobility, hydration and supplementation are important in our daily life, so we've ascribed them as much value as nutrition in this challenge. Again, in the spirit of being specific, measurable and repeatable, each of these lifestyle categories will have specific goals for you to work towards and ways to help you set those goals.

Scoring: Please see the scoring criteria for each of the Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle categories within each of those respective webpages. There is also a scoring guideline on the front page of the scoring spreadsheet.

Please thoroughly read the instructions for using the spreadsheet, then enter the spreadsheet to post your daily score.

Use the Facebook Page "Whole Gains Challenge" to keep each other motivated.

Before getting started, be sure to fill out this questionnaire so you and your coaches are on the same page.