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Whole Gains Challenge - Lifestyle

For the lifestyle component of this challenge there are two specific categories: Sleep and outdoor time.

Sleep: 8 hours of sleep - 2 points

Unfortunately many of us go through life in a state of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation leads to suffering, suffering leads to the dark side. While we all may need subtly different amounts it’s authoritatively acknowledged that your average adult needs 8 hours (and those who boast 4 hours of shut-eye are seriously missing out). Know what you need on average. Try to get it, every night. When counting sleep-hours, that does not include the minutes/hours scrolling through Instagram before falling asleep or answering early morning texts from your phone in bed. Sleep means sleep. Consider using some of your 21st century gadgetry to help you optimize this slumber by having apps automatically disable during bedtime and reducing the amount of blue light you get exposed to before falling asleep.

Scoring: If you 8 hours of sleep you get 2 points. If you don't, zero points.

Nature: 1 hour/day - 2 point

There's no such thing as too-much outdoor time. In fact, research suggests the more the better. Yes, sunscreen and warm clothes are prudent, but this time of year it's particularly important to get outside.

Scoring: Get at least 1 hour total of outdoor time per day. If you get more, awesome, but that's still only 2 points.